Santa Rosalia

Designed by Gustave Eiffel

Once a booming tin mining and processing center, until the revolutionaries of 1910 – 1916 threw out its mostly French owners and operators, this small city with a beautiful name located about 2 hours north of Loreto, looks neglected. Its waterfront is lined with tangles of piping, huge iron wheels and parts, and enormous decaying buildings, relics of the mining days. The French heritage remains, in the style of some of the downtown buildings, and in its chapel made entirely of iron, which was designed by Eiffel himself and brought overland and on shipboard in pieces from France, and assembled on site. In 2011, a big mining operation near town is being reopened, offering up to 5000 new jobs and breathing new life into what had been a moribund town. Santa Rosalia is also is the western terminus of the ferry run that goes back and forth to Los Mochis, a port near Hermosillo in the northern state of Sonora, offering the shortest connection between the lower Baja and either northern Mexico or the south central United States.